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edited by Richard G. Erskine

ISBN: 9781855756625
Cat. No. 27778

bookThis book contains an exciting collection of contemporary writings on Life Script theory and psychotherapeutic methods. Each chapter describes an evolution of Eric Berne's original theory and brings together a stimulating range of international perspectives, script theories, clinical experiences and psychotherapy practices, as well as a psychotherapy story that illustrates the theory. The concept of Life Scripts has frequently been associated with the determinism represented in theatrical scripts, yet, this book offers some new and diverse perspectives. A few contributors address the significance of early childhood experiences in forming a Life Script, while others reflect the perspectives of post- modernism, constructivism, existential philosophy, neuroscience, developmental research, mythology and the importance of narrative.

... this illustrious group of authors has integrated a broad professional perspective into their understanding of a theory of mind, theories of personality and the methods of psychotherapy. Each chapter provides a unique theoretical perspective; some are provocative and challenge Berne’s and others’ long held notions about Life Scripts. Every chapter includes a clinical case of an actual client that illustrates how the theory of Life Scripts is used in psychotherapy.

The Contributors:

James R. Allen, M.D. (USA)
William F. Cornell, MA. (USA)
Fanita English, MSW. (USA)
Gloria Noriega Gayol, Ph.D. (Mexico)
Helena Hargaden, Ph.D. (UK)
Birgitta Heiller, Ph.D. (UK)
Rosemary Napper, M.E. (UK)
Marye O’Reilly-Knapp, Ph.D. (USA)
Charlotte Sills, MA, MSc. (UK)
Claude Steiner, Ph.D. (USA)
Ian Stewart, Ph.D. (UK)
Jo Stuthridge, M.Sc. (New Zealand)
Maria Teresa Tosi, Ph.D. (Italy)

About the Author:

Richard G. Erskine, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and licensed psychoanalyst, as well as being a certified transactional analyst. He is the Training Director of the Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy in New York City and conducts seminars, workshops and training programs in the United States and internationally. Richard Erskine has developed Integrative Psychotherapy, a theory and set of methods that emphasizes affective, cognitive, behavioral and physiological integration. His books include (with Jan Moursund and Rebecca Trautmann) Beyond Empathy: A Therapy of Contact-in-Relationship, with Jan Moursund, Integrative Psychotherapy: The Art and Science of Relationship and Integrative Psychotherapy in Action shortly to be published by Karnac Books.

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