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Touch, Movement, and Physical Expression: The Body in Psychotherapy

Richard G. Erskine, PhD BIOS Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy Training, Bilbao, Spain

A 5-day Professional Development Seminar for Psychotherapists: Thursday, September 13, to Monday, September 17, 2018
Bilbao, Spain

In this Professional Development Seminar Dr. Richard Erskine will describe and demonstrate the physiologically-oriented methods that facilitate an in-depth psychotherapy. He will also teach the concepts of physiological self-stabilization, retroflection, Body-Script, and body awareness.

This Professional Development Seminar has five primary objectives:

• to provide the experienced psychotherapist with a forum to discuss the theory and methods of a physiologically-oriented psychotherapy

• to provide each attendee the opportunity to explore innovative approaches to including body-focused methods to their repertoire of therapeutic interventions

• to receive support and supervision in the use of touch, movement, and physical expression within a relational psychotherapy

• to provide an opportunity for a discussion on the ethics of body-psychotherapy and when it is appropriate to touch and when not to touch

• to provide an opportunity for participants to teach and/or demonstrate how they use body-focussed methods in psychotherapy

A day will be devoted to a discussion of the philosophy, ethics, and various levels of Supervision. There may be an opportunity for participants to demonstrate their supervisory style and get feedback from the group.

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This workshop will be in Spanish and English with professional simultaneous translation.

This course will provide 30 hours of training credit towards certification as an Integrative Psy-chotherapist by the Commission on Standards and Certification of the International Integrative Psychotherapy Association
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