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Richard Erskine's Lectures
are now available on audio cassettes and CDs.
Integrative Psychotherapy:
The Art and Science of Relationship

by Janet P. Moursund and Richard G. Erskine, 2003, Thomson/Wadsworth (Brooks/Cole).
Beyond Empathy - A Therapy of Contact-In Relationship
by Richard Erskine, Janet Moursund and Rebecca Trautmann, 1999, Brunner/Mazel.
Review by Charles Bowman, Indianapolis Gestalt Institute
Review by Francine Conway-Giustra, Long Island University
Theories and Methods of an Integrative Transactional Analysis
by Richard Erskine, 1998, TA Press.
Review by Wayne Carpenter and Damon Wadsworth, Transactional Analysis Journal
Review by Helena Hargaden
Life Scripts
edited by Richard G. Erskine, 2010, Karnac Books.

Review by Richard Ireland
Integrative Psychotherapy in Action
by Richard G. Erskine and Janet P. Moursund, 2010, Karnac Books.
Relational Patterns, Psychotherapeutic Presence: Concepts and Practice of Integrative Psychotherapy
by Richard G. Erskine, 2015, Karnac Books.
Review by John Paradise, Exeter, UK
Review by Lynn Martin, UK
Review by Edward T. Novak, USA
Transactional Analysis in Contemporary Psychotherapy
by Richard G. Erskine, 2015, Karnac Books.
Review by Marco Mazzetti
Review by Ian Argent
A Healing Relationship:
Commentary on Therapeutic Dialogues

by Richard G. Erskine, 2021, firing the mind.
Review by James Sweeney
Review by José M. Martínez
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